Tutoring software for learning advanced vocabulary of American English
Colin Fahey

1. Introduction

LEXICON is tutoring software for learning advanced vocabulary of American English.
LEXICON is for Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista.
The software includes more than 15000 definitions for 7000 words.
The tutoring adapts to a person's learning, assuring efficient learning of vocabulary.
A dictionary mode shows the definitions for 7000 words.
The software includes a challenging word jumble game.

2. Download

LEXICON for Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista

1495040 bytes
MD5: 6fb0f8c22b2113bd06b19826a9501da5

3. Features

Main menu
Memorization cards ("flash cards")
Jumbled words

4. Instructions

Download LEXICON.
Put the file (lexicon.exe) in to any convenient directory.
Double-click lexicon.exe to start LEXICON.
After your first session of using LEXICON, a new file will appear in the same directory as the downloaded file.
The new file is named lexicon_user_history.txt.
This file contains information about your prior tutoring.
If you use LEXICON often, perhaps you should periodically copy the file lexicon_user_history.txt to another directory.
This will ensure that your progress information is not lost due to any possible problem.
If you want to erase your tutoring history, simply stop the LEXICON software, and then delete the file lexicon_user_history.txt.
When you start the LEXICON software again, the tutoring history will be reset.
You might choose to create a "shortcut" to LEXICON.
Simply right-click on the LEXICON icon and choose to "Create Shortcut".
This shortcut can then be dragged to the "Desktop" or dragged in to the "Start menu".

5. Notes

The first version of LEXICON was released on 2005.10.1.
An update was released on 2006.9.3.
Flaws of LEXICON include:
(1) Some definitions are missing "a", "an", "the";
(2) Some definitions for a word are redundant;
(3) Some definitions are ambiguous;
(4) Tutoring is not sufficiently challenging.
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